All the special accessories

All the special accessories! free fire

All the special Accessories!

Discover All the special accessories, the weapons that may be used, and which one is the best.

In order to make the game more dynamic and to give players more confidence when using all firearms, Garena has recently updated the Free Fire game with upgrades to weapons that combatants rarely utilised. Only seven weapons received these upgrades, but they drastically changed in terms of both attribute and combat effectiveness. As a result, many players now favour certain of these weapons with these unique attachments.

You will learn about the special attachments, their features, and their uses in this section:

All the special Accessories!

Famas-X Trident bullet

The Famas is the only assault rifle that fires bursts of three bullets, and it is one of the assault rifles with the quickest rate of fire. It is typically employed for medium and long range fighting. The third bullet of each burst of fire now causes +20 additional damage and higher armour penetration thanks to the new attachment for the Famas “x” called the trident bullet, giving us the chance to attack our adversaries with more force.

MP5-X Electric Booster

The MP5 is a submachine gun that is typically employed for close quarters combat, however there are other weapons in its class that have superior qualities, thus it was overlooked. Given that the rate of fire increases dramatically when this special attachment is attached to the MP5, it can once again rank among the best in its category. We know that gamers place a high value on this attribute.

M60-Y Spiral charger

The M60 is one of the primary machine guns, but with this new special attachment, its use in games has greatly increased. This is because after equipping the spiral magazine, its damage will increase and it will be much more accurate when firing it continuously; accuracy and damage are crucial qualities in a weapon when it comes to taking down our enemies, so the M60 is now one of the deadliest weapons in the game.

VSS-X Lethal Bullet

Although the VSS is regarded as a sniper rifle, it was rarely utilised because of competition from other weapons in its class, some of which may have had superior characteristics. The VSS is now one of the most dangerous weapons in the game thanks to the addition of its new lethal bullet special attachment, as its bullets are enhanced to pierce other players’ muscles and cause severe bleeding. As a result, our enemies will continue to take damage even if we don’t shoot them, allowing us to hide them.

M14-Y Rage Core

The M14 is one of the weapons with the greatest range of all Assault Rifles, but it was not commonly used because of its very slow rate of fire and manual (shot by shot) operation. However, with the introduction of the new special attachment Rage Core, which we can equip and which will allow us to shoot more quickly and in bursts, the M14 is now one of the preferred weapons for many players of the Free Fire game. This is the attachment I modified the weapon the most out of all the ones in the game.

Kar98K-Z Biometric Scope

Although one of the sniper rifles, the Kar98k was overshadowed by the AWM, which many players favoured. Now that we have the option to use the biometric scope, it provides us auto-aim, making it simpler for us to defeat adversaries. This enables players who have trouble using AWM when aiming to use the Kar98K.

Plasma-Y Thermal Converter

One of the newest weapons released by Garena Free Fire is the plasma pistol. It doesn’t require ammunition and generates bullets using energy instead. However, it overheats when fired, thus players rarely use it because they have to wait for it to cool down before using it again. It recently received a unique addition called a thermal converter, which, in the words of the game’s creators, converts heat into kinetic energy, allowing us to increase the shots before the weapon overheats and becomes lethal the more heat it accumulates, in addition to the cooling time being much shorter. Due to the fact that players prefer to utilise other kinds of weapons, this attachment is one of the least frequently used.

AWM-Y Piercing Shield

The AWM is one of the most potent and lethal weapons in the game, and with the opportunity to add the unique Protective Shield attachment that delivers more damage, its rounds will be considerably more lethal and they won’t open rivals’ protective gear like helmets and vests.

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