AN-94: Gun with High Rate Fire

Every gun of the free fire Garena has its own importance but AN-94 is very special for its high damaging fire power. It has the high recoil that’s why it has the high rate of fire. One question in my mind which definitely hits to your mind that where I can get this fantastic gun? There are two basic ways to avail this gun. Firstly, you can claim this gun by the free fire redeem code today. It is very beneficial way because you may get the free promotion coupons, royal skins and many other weapons by the redemption codes.

But if you do not like this way, then you have to be very quick in the second way. The second way is search operation. You have to search out the buildings immediately after landing from the aircraft. You should have the avail to be very quick to avail good weapons and other special prizes.

Decent Rate of fire:

AN94 is the very fantastic gun due to its decent rate of fire in the free fire Garena. The reason behind its good rate of fire is its high recoil. In the free fire Garena, AN-94 is designed according the real world AN94 rifle. Which was designed by Russian designer Gennadiy Nikonove. It is mid-range rifle which you can use in the competitive battle grounds. It is very helpful in the open Battle grounds as well. According to the programming team of Free Fire Garena it has fifty eight percent rate of fire, which is much better than many other guns of free fire Garena.

Accuracy and Range:

Accuracy of the target is very important feature of a good weapon. It has the accuracy of forty eight percent. This is not bad but when accuracy operates with the Magazine capacity, it increases your rate of kills per game. This gun has the 62 percent perfect range from the opponent player.

Movement and Reload Speed:

The weight of the weapon in very important in movement of the weapon while firing. If the weapon is light weight then its movement speed should be excellent. The movement speed of the AN-94 is seventy four percent. The Assault of AN-94 is comparatively equal to the assault of AK-47 due to their high recoil power. The reload speed of the gun is also an important feature of gun. It helps the player to prevent and make the instant counter shots. Moreover its magazine capacity increases its shots very dangerous for the opponent players.


First very important attachment of the AN94 is scope. Scope of the rifle is important because it helps the player to make accurate shots. You can aim the head shot to the opponent player. Head shot one of my favorite shots in free fire Garena. The second important attachment is Muzzle, which produces the muzzle velocity, and increases shot more damaging. Third attachment is fore grip, which helps to make more accurate shots. Moreover you can attach the Magazine and stock also.

You can get many benefits from its excellent accuracy, damaging power, magazine, movement speed and its pretty good range.

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