Bizon: A damaging SMG

Bizon is the very power sub machine gun, with a very good damage to the opponent and excellent moment speed. You can find this Sub Machine Gun (SMG) by claiming the rewards of Free redeem code today. But this weapon has the low stability. It is powerful due to its powerful outburst. This is the main benefit of this SMG, by using its one magazine, you can kill three to four players at time. But you have to fire the more because the accuracy of this weapon is not pretty good.

Rate of Fire:

Rate of fire is frequency of the weapon that how much the projectile motions of fire has. It is very important feature of the weapon either in the game or even in real life. It is the Sub Machine gun, so that’s why its speed of fire is good as compare to the other weapons. This gun has 75 percent fire rate, which is enough to kill more than one player.

Movement Speed:

The movement speed of the weapon is inversely proportional to the weight of the weapon. If weight of the weapon is high, then it is very difficult to handle while we are firing with the specific weapon. Bizon has the light weight that’s why it has the high movement speed of ninety one percent. It is preferred to use this weapon while you are chasing some opponent.

Damaging Power:

When we choose the weapon for the chase in the free fire Garena to chase someone, then our first priority is to select the gun which can give great damage to the opponent player. Bizon is the one of the guns which are good for the chase, due to its high damaging power of fifty four percent. One reason of its high damaging power is its outburst.


It is very import feature that you can attach many attachment with this SMG. The main attachments are silencer and fore grip. By using these two features you can camouflage yourself from the opponent player. In that way you can increase your kills. If you are camouflaged from the other player you can kill him by coming into his notice. The other main important attachment feature, according to my point of view, is fore grip. It increases the accuracy of you gunfire. If you are increase you accuracy in the firing you can instantly increase your kills.

Moreover, you can attach the scope to the Bizon, by using this attachment you can make your gunshot very perfect. You can make the gun, even from a good distance. My favorite shot is headshot. When I play the Free fire Garena, I try to make the head shot of my opponent. I need to wait for the static moment of my opponent, when he is static, I just take the deep breath and point to the target. This is only possible with the scope of the gun or you can use the sniper. But, in case, sniper is not available you can use the Bizon with the scope.

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