CG15: A light weight Gun

CG15 is the light weighted gun in the free fire Garena. The Question will definitely come into your mind that what is the easy way to get this weapon? You can get this weapon from the magic kits by searching the various buildings. But I suggest you to claim this weapon by using the free fire redeem code today. It depends upon your luck also. If you are lucky you may get this weapon by claiming your first redemption or may by the last redemption code. If you cannot get this weapon by the redemption code you may get much better guns than that. But for the chase purpose, it is one of the best guns in the free fire Garena.

Very High Movement Speed:

Weight of the weapon is inversely proportional to the movement speed of the weapon. If you have the lighter weapon you can move that weapon easily while firing. It is equally applicable in the real life as well as in the Free fire Garena and other battle games like PUBG. According to the Programming team of the Free Fire Garena, this weapon has the movement speed of 77 percent. It is a good enough speed to fire quickly. This is the top quality of this weapon. It is the one of the best guns that you can use while you are chasing some very dangerous opponent. It is not just my opinion but it is the opinion of top ranked free fire players.

Good Reload Speed:

You can hit the target quickly, but an excellent reload speed of the weapon is very essential for that. If you are playing in very critical match you can use this gun because it will help you out to aim the target correctly and reload the weapon in an instant. Which will definitely leads you to the higher number of kills.

Long range and Accurate Weapon:

The long range weapon helps to aim the targets from a great distances. If a team is landing by the parachutes, CG15 is the gun by which you can kill them easily. According to the programming team of the free fire Garena CG15 has 69 percent rate of fire and 68 percent accurate weapon. That’s why most of the player suggest to take this gun while chasing some pro-player. Its magazine has the capacity of 28 bullets, which are enough to kill four players.


There are two attachments available which you can attach with CG15. One of them is fore grip. For grip increases the accuracy of fire shots. If your fire shots are accurate and perfect you can increase your kills in a few games. The second attachment is Magazine. You can attach magazine with CG15. It will help you out when no bullets will remain in your weapons. This is like a reserve petrol which a person have in his vehicle that can be used in the emergency. It will never led you defeat in the most of the matches. That’s why most of the players suggest CG15 sub machine to use in the long chasing matches.

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