Gatling Gun: A Machine Gun

Gatling Gun – A Machine gun is the weapon which is well known for its high rate of fire in the world. Most of the machine guns have 500 to 1000 fire per minute. In the free fire Gatling is the machine gun, which have very high rate of fire more than 1200 bullets in a minute. The question comes in our mind that where I can find this weapon? There is very simple method to get this weapon. You have to claim the Gatling by using free fire redeem code today. Its features are comparatively equal to Gatling in the real world and in free fire Garena.

High Magazine Capacity:

It is the machine gun which has the high magazine capacity of 1200. It is the enough fire speed to kill more than one opponent player. If you have this gun then you are very lucky. But if are unable to find this gun you may try to get this via free fire redemption codes. In this process you are dependent on the luck. Moreover, it has the excellent damaging power of more than fifty percent. That’s why, it is very dangerous against the non-vehicle units. You have to take only one magazine of the Gatling. You can kill more than one opponent players with only one magazines. This characteristic of Gatling makes its special among the other weapons of free fire Garena. The secret behind its insane rate of fire is its magazine power.

Perfect Accuracy:

The second characteristic which makes Gatling from the other weapons of the free fire is its good accuracy. Although, you cannot attach the scope with Gatling. It has the 79 percent accuracy, which is more than many other weapons of the free fire Garena. With its perfect accuracy, it has the good reload speed. Its reload speed will help you to make the instant shot. It is very helpful in the short games. It also have the good range, you can take the shots from the good distance. You can hit the targets while they are landing from the helicopters. The weight of the weapon depends upon the movement speed. The movement speed of the weapon should be good enough to make the quick shots. If you are good player of free fire, you can get good benefits from its accuracy, movement speed and magazine capacity.

The disadvantage of using this machine gun is that you cannot attach any of the attachment with this Gatling. If you cannot attach the fore grip cannot aim correctly to your opponent player. There not any possibility to attach the silencer to the weapon you cannot be camouflaged from your opponent players. If you are not hidden from the other player. They can kill you in the couple seconds. So, it is the best suggestion to use the weapon to which you can attach the silencer. But it is the best gun for the short matches. In which you have to kill the opponents in the specified time. That short matches can upgrade your ranks in the free fire Garena.

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