Gold and experience bonus card

Gold and experience bonus card – Free Fire

Knowing how to use the bonus card, where to get it, and all the advantages it offers will help you advance in the Free Fire game.

Depending on the proportion of our cards, bonus cards can assist us raise the amount of experience points we need to level up or multiply the gold we have already won. The bonus card is popular among gamers and simple to obtain.

When we start the game, we must first click “Clothes,” then we must choose “bonus card” on the right side of the screen. There, the current cards will display, along with the percentage of each and the duration of time we have them available.

Gold bonus card

After turning in some Luck Royale, earning daily clan prizes, or completing missions for a certain gaming event, the gold card can be bought as a gift. It will be much simpler to gather enough gold to level up our characters, take part in the gold royale, or purchase the game products that pique our interest because these cards contain a percentage that can be 50% or 100%. This percentage will be increased by the gold that we have acquired.

Experience cards

As we engage in the various game modes, we acquire experience, which is required to level up. When certain Luck Royale, clan daily incentives, or missions of a gaming event are completed, the experience cards can be won as a prize. Remember that these cards are only meant to be used for a limited period of time because they come with a percentage that can range from 50% to 100%. This percentage will be multiplied by the experience we collect at the conclusion of each game while we have it.

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