Katana: Samurai’s Favorite

Katana is one of the best weapons which are used for hand-to-hand combat. It is the sharpest melee weapon in the free fire Garena. One question definitely comes to your mind that how I can get this weapon in free fire Garena? You may find this gun by searching the buildings immediately after landing from aeroplane. But I suggest to find this weapon by using the free fire redeem codes today. Wise players mostly use this method. In the search of this weapon by using redemption codes you can find many other weapons, royal skins and promotional coupons. It is method by which you can claim one and get two. That’s it is the most recommended method for finding weapons.

Best Melee Weapon:

Melee is the term of military aviation in which both friend and foe are intermingled in some confusion. In the terminology of the free fire Garena melee weapons which are useful in hand-to-hand combat. Katana is the best of melee weapons. If suddenly an opponent player comes in front of you, then it is the best moment to use katana. Because it very sharp that you can remove the head of your opponent.

Samurai’s Favorite Weapon:

There is the brief history of Samurai Unit. It was the extremely powerful unit of the Japanese army in the era of early modern ages of 12th century. In the Free Fire Garena you can get the samurai’s tricks by spinning only 180 diamonds. It is very costly but another way to get the Samurai’s kit, but I must suggest you to get the weapons by the redemption codes. It is the way of the pro-players. But it only beneficial if you have the tricks of Samurai.

Very fast movement speed:

It is suggestion from the high ranked players of free fire Garena Players to use light weighted weapons. There is only reason behind using lighted weighted weapons, which is high movement speed. Movement speed of the weapon is inversely proportional to the weight of the weapon. If the weight of weapon is high then its weapon will be low but if the weight of weapon is low then its movement speed will be very high. The movement speed is very helpful in making instant shots. If opponent player comes in front of you suddenly and you do not have the weapon with high movement speed, there are ninety percent chances that he can kill you. You can give high damage to the opponent player by its high movement speed and damaging power.

Katana is very beneficial in the hand to hand combat only. It is very dangerous in chase in the open place. Because any of the player from opponent team can hit you from a minor distance. If he is using sniper guns then it is very easy to kill you in the free fire Garena. That’s why is very dangerous to use in the open grounds. But it is very beneficial while combat in the buildings or bushes type battle ground.

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