Kord- A mighty Gun

Kord is a very mighty gun in the free fire Garena. It is known for its damaging fire power and magazine capacity. One reasonable question hits my mind that where I can find this mighty gun in world wide game, free-fire Garena? There are three possibilities by which you can get this mighty gun. Firstly, you can get this gun by claiming rewards by using the free fire redeem codes today. You may get many other rewards and prizes by using these redemption codes. You have to copy the codes from the website and paste in the specific section of the game.

Secondly, you can get this weapon by a search operation but you have to be very quick in this search operation. You must be must quick enough that you can get this weapon before your buddy player. Thirdly, you may purchase this weapon by diamonds and money via bank accounts. If you have found this gun, then it will be very easy to chase a high ranked player.

High Clip Size:

Kord has high damaging power because it has comparatively long size of bullets. If we look in real life, a long size bullet can give more damage by penetrating inside target by its motion. It has the high size of the clip. It has two benefits, one is it boosts the damaging power of the weapon and secondly it increases the bullet capacity of magazine. If you have the gun with extra space of bullets in the magazine, then you can fire without taking tension of running out of bullets. If you want to increase your number of kills then you have to occupy the gun which have the high magazine capacity or the weapon to which you can attach extra magazine.

High rate of fire:

Rate of fire is the one of the basic characteristics of a good light machine gun. It is wise decision to occupy the gun with high rate of fire. According to the programming team of the free fire Garena, Kord has fifty two percent rate of fire. It was added to the free fire Garena due to its importance in the Russian Army. In real world, it is a heavy machine gun but in free-fire it is a light machine gun with excellent rate of fire. It was added to the free fire Garena in the OB27 patch update of the free fire Garena. It was a really good decision for the game lovers of free fire. The rage of this gun is also fine. You can take good shots from a fine distance. It is very injurious for the health of your opponent player.

According to programming module of free-fire Garena, if a player hits same point of opponent player’s body, it can give the great damage to opponent player. You can get great benefits by using high capacity of magazine, fast reload speed, excellent movement speed and long range.

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