M249-A high capacity LMG

M249 is the light Machine gun in free fire Garena. It is known for its high magazine capacity. But a query hits my mind that where I can find special gun in free fire Garena? It is only available on the airdrops. But there is another possibility that you may find it by the redemption codes of free fire Garena. You have to go to the website and search “free fire redeem code today”. Copy the codes from that codes and paste in the game application of free fire Garena. By using this method you can get many other rewards and prizes. By using these redemption codes you can get many other weapons, royal skins and other loot packs which may contain the diamonds. You can purchase many other weapons by using diamonds. Moreover, you can purchase the boost ranks of your player.

Very High magazine capacity:

It is the one of the light machine gun which has high capacity of the magazine. Most of the light machine guns have capacity of forty to fifty bullets but this LMG M249 has the capacity of 100 bullets. These are enough bullets to kill more than one opponent players. With its one magazine you can kill even four players. If you have this gun, I think you do require no any extra magazine to avail in the difficult times.

Good Damaging Power:

This gun has the average damaging power which damages more than fifty percent of the opponent player’s body in one shot. It is very good damaging power of a Light Machine Gun. In the most of the chase light machine guns are used. It is the most suitable gun to use in the chase.

Long range weapon with good accuracy:

One more reason to choose this gun in the chase is its long range with fine accuracy. According to the programming team of the free fire Garena, M249 is the gun with the range of 76 unit area and has the good accuracy of sixty seven percent. It is the excellent feature of the weapon for the chase.

Fast moving speed:

Movement speed of the weapon depends upon weight of weapon. Most of the LMGs are used in the chase due to its light weight. The relation between the weight and movement speed of the gun is inversely proportional. If the weight of the gun is light then it is easy to cope with the gun while firing. But it has the a bit low reload speed as compare to the other weapons. If you want to take the instant shot then you have to change gun. Firstly you will not require to reload this gun due to its high magazine capacity.


You can attach only scope with this gun. It is very important feature to attach scope because you can aim perfect shots from your gun. My favorite shot in the games like free fire Garena and PUBG is head shot. Scope is very necessary attachable to aim the head shot. You can get many benefits its high magazine capacity, accuracy, damaging power, movement speed and long range.

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