M60- A mid-range LMG

M60 is medium ranger lighter weight machine gun, easily to handle while firing. It very suitable machine gun to chase your opponents. But an important question comes to your mind that how I can get this mid-range LMG? There are two ways to get this weapon. One way is to get by the claiming rewards using free fire redeem codes today. You have to go the site and copy the code from there. Then you have to paste the code in the game. With that way you can get many rewards like weapons, royal skins and many magic packs which contains a lot of diamonds.

Second way to get this gun M60 is search operation of buildings, right after landing from the aircraft. But you should be quick enough that you can collect more weapons and other equipment before your companions collect. If you have this gun then you can kill your opponent players very quickly.

High damage power and good rate of fire:

This is the gun which have damaging power of about sixty percent. Which is very good damaging power as compare to other weapons of the free fire Garena. It is very essential feature of the weapon to have very excellent damaging power.

Excellent capacity of magazine:

It is one of the special gun in the Free fire Garena due to its very high capacity of magazine. It has the magazine capacity of sixty eight bullets. If you have gun with high magazine capacity then you can open fire on your opponent fearlessly. Otherwise you will have the tension of running out of bullets in the magazine.

Long ranged LMG:

Long ranged weapon is very essential to play in the open grounds. If you are on the roof of some build and you have seen a player in the ground. That would be golden chance you to kill him. But to avail this golden chance, you must have the long ranged a weapon. According to an expert, this gun has the range of fifty six percent.

Fast movement speed:

Most of the LMGs are light weighted. And the weight of the weapon is inversely proportional to the movement speed of the weapon. That’s why they have the high movement speed. It is suggested to use in the chase of opponent. Because it is easy to handle while firing.

Average reload speed and accuracy:

M60 has the low reload speed but this has the reload speed of forty-eight percent, which is high then some other weapons of free fire Garena. This weapon has the accuracy of fifty-six percent. Which more than a average gun.


You can attach magazine with this gun only. You can collect spare magazine while search operation after landing from the aircraft. That spare magazine can increase your kills. You can get bundles of benefits from its good accuracy, fast movement speed, good range, and its damaging power. That’s why it is most suggested gun in free fire Garena in the chase of opponent.

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