M79- State-of-the-art Grenade Launcher

Messier 79 (M79) is one of the most accurate grenade launchers in the free fire Garena. It is the light weight launcher with only one magazine. It is the single shot, shoulder fire grenade launcher with ghastly havoc. The Question hits the mind that how can I get this tremendous launcher? There are only two ways to get this weapon. First is to get by claiming rewards by using the free fire redeem codes today. By applying this way you can get many other weapons, royal skins, and diamonds which leads you to be high ranking free fire Garena Pro-player. Second way to find this weapon is search operation after landing from the aircraft. But you should be quick enough to collect more weapons then your buddy players or foes.

If you have collected this weapon, you have to wait for golden moment to use. Let suppose, more than two of your foes are walking in the battleground, you should use it at that moment without a wasting time. This is the only golden moment where you can use this gun.

Pinpoint accuracy:

M79 is the very accurate as a laser guided missiles. Its fire has projectile motion, that’s why it is one of the most accurate weapons in the free fire Garena. According to the programming team of the free fire Garena, M79 has the accuracy of ninety percent. By using this weapon you can create a horrible disaster for your foes.

Single-Shot Weapon:

As most of the launchers have the low number of rockets or grenades in their magazine, same as this launcher has just one magazine. It is the shoulder firing launcher. Its single shot has the big bang in small package. You should have to find the golden moment to use this weapon. If you found couple of foes in the battle ground. Just take a deep breath, aim the target and release the fire. In that attack their more than half energy will be wasted. After that you can kill them easily with any ordinary gun or pistol.

Wide Area Damage:

The design of that gun on the basis of Messier 79 (M79) Grenade launcher used and invented by the United States (US) Army forces. As the real world M79 fires a grenade which causes the great havoc for the enemies same as in the free fire Garena, this weapon has the wide area of damage. That’s why this suggest to use where you find more than players.

Light weighted Launcher:

The weight of weapon is inversely proportional to the movement speed of weapon. M79 is light weight launcher that’s why its movement speed is remarkable. Although this launcher has fast movement speed, but it still requires the good control to use. There is only drawback of this launcher that it has only one shot and you cannot attach any attachables with this launcher. You can get bundles of benefits in battlegrounds by its pinpoint accuracy of projectile motioned grenade fire, fast movement speed, wide area of damage.

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