MGL140- Damaging Launcher

It is wish of very game lover to be very good player in his favorite game. MGL140 is the very damaging grenade launcher. One question definitely comes to your mind that how can get this marvelous weapon in free fire Garena? There are two method I to get excellent weapons and many other rewards. First is to get this weapon by claiming the rewards by free fire redeem codes today. You can claim many other weapons and diamonds, royal skins and magic packs by using the free fire redemption codes. For second method you have to be very quick. Because it is a search operation. You have to be very quick in that search operation. Player should have to search the building immediately after landing from the aircraft. You have to quick enough that you can collect more weapons and prizes that you team mates.

Damaging power:

This gun has the very dangerous for foes. It has very dreadful damaging power. According to an expert, it can damage your opponent player up to ninety eight percent. It has the very low rate of fire. But it doesn’t matter, with a low rate of fire and high damage power, it is very scary against a high ranked player. It has the wide are of damage. You can kill many players by using its couple of medium sized bullets. When its mid-sized bullets cause a lot of havoc, it’s like you have a gun that causes a big bang in a small package.

An accurate Launcher:

Most of grenades are not too much accurate. But these grenades are launched by the MGL140, they cause a lot of havoc against your opponent players. If you have found this gun in your search operation of buildings, then you are very lucky. Due to its accuracy and range you can kill your enemies from a great distance. This weapon has the wide area of Damage, that’s why it is more accurate than other launchers of free fire Garena. By getting the benefit of its accuracy and wide damaging power you can kill more than couple of players in one shot.

Fast reload speed and Movement speed:

With MGL140 launcher you can use two magazines in a couple of seconds because it has very fast reload speed. MGL140 is mid-weighted grenade launcher that’s why it has high movement speed. You can use this gun while chasing your opponent players from a fine distance. If you want to open fire immediately against opponent players, the reload speed and movement speed of MGL140 will make it easy for you.


You can only attach the magazine with this weapon. It’s one magazine comprises of five bullets. If you found magazine of MGL140, then you should have to collect it in a part of second. If you would have a spare magazine you can use it in your difficult times of the battle.

Using its high movement speed, wide area damaging power, fast reload speed and pin point accuracy, you can kill many players in a couple seconds by playing a wise shot.

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