MP40- A light weigh gun

MP40 is one of the best sub machine gun in free fire Garena. It is SMG which is famous for its insane rate of fire and its very light weight as compare to other weapons of free fire Garena. One important question hits mind that how can I avail this light weighted gun in free fire Garena? There are various ways to get this marvelous gun, but some of them are paid while some are free with some advert content. You can get this gun by claiming the rewards by free fire redeem code today. Using this most suggested way you can get many rewards like other damaging weapons, royal skins and loot packs. You can purchase this gun with some diamonds. But another way to get this gun is search operation right after landing from the aircraft.

If you want to get more loot packs and rewards then you should be fast enough that you can get more weapons and loot packs then your game buddy. Most of the game lovers also get this weapon by playing more and claiming the daily rewards. If you got this gun you can increase your number of kills by using its insane rate of fire.

High rate of fire:

It is an extreme desire of every game lover to have more and more number of kills in his favorite game. For the accomplishment of this desire you have to carry gun with a crazy rate of fire. By using this gun you can open fire madly on your opponent player. If you got that gun by using the redemption code of free fire Garena then you would be very lucky. You may get any better gun also in the chase of MP40. With this gun you can kill couple players with its one magazine only.

Movement speed:

AS MP40 is the light weigh gun as compare to other weapons of free fire Garena and in the real world as well. If your weapon is light weighted then you can fire from your weapon comfortably. If you are comfortable with the gun, your player does not feels any difficulty with the gun then you can increase your kills in a couple of weeks. You can tackle the sudden attacks of your opponents by using MP40. As it is the lighter gun, you can kill your opponent in a few seconds.


Attachables are very important feature of a weapon. You can attach stock with MP40, which can reduce the kickback of gunfire. It will make you easy to open sequence of fires on your opponent. A player must have the gun with extraordinary capacity of bullets in the magazine or attachable magazine with the gun. You can use the collected magazine in the search operation with this gun. If you want to increase the accuracy, then you have to attach scope or fore grip with the weapon. But with this gun can only attach fore grip, magazine and stock. Fore grip will increase the accuracy of your gun. You can get clusters of benefits from the features of the gun discussed above.

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