P90- A strong mid-range SMG

P90 is the one of the strongest mid-range sub machine gun. It is very excellent gun to use in the open battle grounds, because it has very light weight. One important hits my mind that where I can find that light weighted sub machine gun in free fire Garena? You can purchase this gun by using diamonds, if you have the diamonds in excess. If you want to get this gun without investing diamonds, then you can get this gun by claiming the rewards using free fire redeem codes today. By using redemption codes of free fire Garena you can get many other weapons, royal skins, loot packs and many other important rewards and prizes. Another way to get this weapons is search operation promptly after landing from the aircraft.

If any opponent player comes in front of you can open fire fearlessly on him by P90. According to the module of the free fire Garena, if a couple bullets hits the same unit area of player’s body, it causes great damage to that player.

Insane rate of fire:

P90 is the weapon in the free fire Garena, which is known for its insane rate of fire. It has the psychotic rate of fire. When it releases the fire continuously, it seems that a mad is firing on his worst enemy. This weapon is used my most of the experienced players, due to its very high rate of fire. It is very dangerous to your enemies because its magazine has large size of clip. If clip size of the magazine is large, it can penetrate more the body. Secondly, magazine capacity depends on the clip size of weapon, that’s why it has remarkable capacity of bullets in the magazine. In this way, it gives the great damage. It has eighty three percent rate of fire in the free fire Garena.

Fast Movement speed:

A weapon is very useful if it is easy to handle while firing in the free fire Garena and same is the case in real world. If a weapon weighs high, it is difficult to handle and less accurate. But this gun has very low weight that’s why it has fast movement speed. If an opponent player suddenly comes in front of you, then you can instantly open fire on him.


Scope is very important attachable, which you can attach to this sub machine gun. It helps you to aim a perfect target. My favorite shot in the free fire is head shot, and it is possible if I can attach scope with my weapon. You can also attach stock with your gun, it also increases the accuracy of your gun. Third, important attachable of this gun is magazine. No doubt, this gun has very high capacity of magazine but you can attach an extra magazine with your gun. If you have excess amount of bullets in your gun then you can engage with your enemy fearlessly. You can get bundle of benefits from its high movement speed, insane rate of fire, and its attachables.

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