RGS50- A deadly Launcher

There are many rocket launchers in the free fire Garena game. But RGS-50 is the rocket launcher which is known for its very long range. It is very deadly rocket launcher which is very effective against the Vehicles. It is less effective against the non-vehicle units. This weapon with 40 mm ammo. If you are chasing the player who is in the some vehicle, then you have to target his vehicle via RGS50 launcher. Because it is very effective against the vehicle units. It is very rare in the Garena Free Fire. But what I suggest you is that you can get the weapons by claiming the different weapons and many other rewards by using the free fire redeem code today. There are some rules and regulations of applying these redemption codes. It is the best way to get the rare weapons from the Free fire Garena.

An accurate Launcher:

Most of the rocket launchers are not so accurate but this is the only weapon which hits the target with ninety eight percent accuracy. It makes the chase of the vehicle units very easy. In the most of the cases, more than one players move from one place to another. So, it creates a golden chance to kill more than one player. If your kills are most, your rank will be the high. It is the wish of the game lover to achieve the high ranks as early as he can achieve. This weapon helps the player to achieve the very high ranks.

High damaging Power:

Most of the rocket launchers have the very wide area of effect damage. If there is place where more than one players are wandering you can fire a rocket, it will damage a lot to those players. After firing the rocket of RGS50, you need to fire a single bullet to kill the opponent player. It is bit less effective against the non-vehicle unit that’s why you need a bullet of some USP or Desert Eagle.

Moreover it is the weapon with Reload speed and Movement speed. You can reload your magazine in a very quick manner. In a low time period you can fire three rockets. If you found more than fire, just take deep breath, and fire three rockets in a couple seconds. They will be almost killed, otherwise you can fire the couple of bullets or reload the weapon and fire again. There are some dis-advantages with RGS50.

The first disadvantage is that you cannot attach the anything with the Launcher. Even if a person is camouflaged with the gunfire or launcher fire voice you would be safe. If you have not killed him or her, he will kill you while you are not using this weapon. It is the best suggestion to use this weapon against the vehicle units. It has the very least magazine capacity, that’s why it is very dangerous. If you have find this weapon without applying any redemption code you are very lucky, because it is very rare in the free fire Garena.

Author: Adeel Kang
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