Treatment Pistol: Healing weapon

Treatment pistol never lies in the world of reality. The programmers specially designed this for free fire Garena. It is very rare weapon in the free fire, which is used to heal yourself or your allies and gives the great damage to your enemies. You may find this pistol while claiming your rewards by using free fire redeem code today. In this way you may get many other rewards like rare weapons, promotion coupons and royal skins. It is the side benefit of the redemption codes. But you do not want to give time to find the redemption codes, you may use another way. In the second way you have to collect the weapons before your partners collects. You have to start search operation of weapons immediately after landing from your aircraft. You should be very quick while collecting weapons. This pistol is very important in emergency moments.

Healing your Allies:

Treatment Pistol is only weapon that can boost the energy of your player. It can boost the energy of yourself but your allies also. In case, your team has faced a lot of damage from the opponents, you may use this treatment gun to heal your allies. It is very helpful when the energy of your player is very low. This is the gun which can convert your defeat into a victory in free fire Garena.

Great damage to enemies:

It is not only the healing gun but can give great damage to your enemies. According to the programming team of the free fire Garena, treatment gun can damage up to fifty eight percent to opponent player. But as it the close range weapon, so you want to charge the opponent player then you should be close to him or her to charge via this weapon.

Accuracy and magazine Capacity:

Range of the treatment gun very low that’s why should be much closed to the opponent player to charge him. But its range is not too short. According to the programming team of the free fire Garena, it can charge from 73 unit distance from the enemy. It is not a too short distance. Its accuracy increases the damaging power of its shots. It has the magazine capacity of thirty eight, which can easily kill one or two players. If you do not want to use this weapon against your opponent player, then you can use it for the purpose of healing your allies. You can boost the energy of your allies up to quarter of their health.

Very Fast Movement speed:

Most of the pistols are light weighted same as it has very light weight. Weight of the gun is inversely proportional to the movement speed while firing in free fire. If your weapon is light weighted you can move your weapon easily while firing. If your opponent suddenly comes to your front, then it is a golden chance for you to kill him. Because it’s excellent movement speed and accuracy will make your shots perfect.

You can get great benefits from its marvelous movement speed, magazine capacity, accuracy, damaging power and its many more features.

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